‘I Like to be in between the border of the abstract and the reality’

Ariadna Puigdomenech is a creative designer and photographer from Barcelona. After six years of living in the city of Barcelona, she decided to move in the greatest island of Ibiza.

She is interested in art and love to travel in search for new cultures. In the last few years she discovered that her photography is a reflection of her emotional personality and the way she visualise the world. With an acute eye for detail and color, she create captivating imagery across the genres of documentary, landscape and architectural photography. Basically, are images seeking to capture the purest beauty of nature: from its colours and textures to beautiful landscapes. Especially, she wants to raise awareness about the environment and beauty of Mother Earth.

“Go beyond the ordinary”, that’s is what she always says!

She starts her works with experiencing the regions itself and meeting the local remarkable people. This is how she learns about their cultures and lifestyle.

T +34 622 191 255
M coucou@ariadnapuigdomenech.com